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Skylights Maintenance & Installation

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Skylight Repair, Skylight Replacement and Maintenance

Any roofer can tell you that whenever you have a protrusion in the roof, you have the potential for leaks. This includes skylights, which break the shingle pattern in the roof. Having your skylights repaired, replaced, and maintained properly can help you.

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Skylights Maintenance & Installation


Skylight Repair

If it appears that your skylight is leaking, the culprit is often the roof itself and not the skylight. Sometimes water can get in if you haven’t closed it properly, other times condensation can build up on the inside, dripping down and appearing as leak. Snow and ice can also build up above the skylight, backing up into the shingles and causing a leak.

Skylight Replacement

If your skylight frame or the flashing is not the problem, it may be that it needs to be replaced in order to fix the problem. Skylight replacement is in many ways a lot like replacing a window. The biggest difference beyond its location is that the shingles and flashing that surround the skylight will also need to be removed and replaced to reseal it.


Skylight condensation

Maintain Them Well

Skylights can make a beautiful addition to many homes, letting in light and air to rooms that might not receive these things otherwise. Be sure to maintain, repair, and replace as necessary to help ensure that they continue to function just as they were designed to.

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